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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sister Golden Hair

Summer is definitely taking its time in getting all the way up to Portland. After a few days of teasing with sun and nice weather, the drizzle came back yesterday and is looking to stick around for the next week. While you hope for better weather this time of year, it could be worse, especially after the incredibly heavy winter we've had.

Loading up after the middle school rummage sale
The Catholic Charities Thrift Store is coming together, slowly but surely! We collected what seems like thousands of pounds of donations for the store just this week - including one enormous pickup at a Middle School rummage sale. By the time we were done there, the truck was completely stuffed - we even had to leave things behind! I had to take a photo of the truck as we were filling it, but it just doesn't do it justice. By this weekend I was pretty sore all over, including my back from that one time I tried to get slick and carry a recliner down some stairs by myself in North Waterboro. Gotta remember to stretch first.

That's the other thing I'm liking about the position - I'm able to see so much of Southern Maine by traveling to different towns, picking up larger items. I've been all over the place on pickups, from Rockland to York Beach. It's really a beautiful state.

I might lose some of you on this, but I have to admit - driving throughout the area going on pickups has a tendency to put me in a 'country' mood. Usually I can't take that kind of music, but it fits the scenery so well when we're on the road. I try to convince my supervisor Bill to put on the country music station when we're driving WAY out in the boonies, and he goes along with it but I can tell he's not a fan - so we settle on the classic rock station, which is even better. 'Sister Golden Hair' by America came on once this week and it's been stuck in my head ever since. Sounds summery, doesn't it? Maybe if I listen to enough of the right music, the sun will come out.

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  1. i love this song, i had the lp in highschool!